UOPC Bible Reading

As we come to a close in our first congregational reading through the Bible, we have three months before we begin another plan of reading through together.  In order to keep in the wonderful habit of Bible reading, here are a few options for the 90 day interlude:

1. Finish any chapters or books that didn’t get done.

2. 84 Golden Chapters (sheet available)

3. Read the Gospels in 3 months;  1 chapter/day

4. Read the Psalms in 3 months – 2 chapters/day

5. Read the New Testament in 3 months – 3 chapters/day

6. Read Proverbs in 1 month – 1 chapter/day

7. Read the Gospels in 1 month – 3 chapters/day

8. Read the Psalms in 1 month – 5 chapters/day

9. Any combination of the above.

Pick up your copy of one of these plans in the narthex at UOPC!